How to get Chapter One support

Chapter One staff ready to assist you with any questions or issues you have during your online reading volunteer experience

Running into issues? As we hope you remember from your training video, there are Chapter One staff ready to assist you with any questions or issues you have during your Chapter One experience. Please note that you should not ask your pupil to request their teacher's help. It's important that teachers continue instruction with the rest of the class during Chapter One sessions.

Scheduling issues: please reach out to

Reading session glitches: If you or your student has technical problems during an active session, please use the LiveChat support or, if you prefer and/or your company firewall blocks LiveChat, use any of the chat support options listed on the pop-up you see when you click on Help Options.

If you don't need to speak to a LiveChat agent, but would like to alert us to an issue, click the DISRUPTED link at the top of the screen.

Getting the ending right...

At the end of your session please do remember to click the END SESSION link located by the session clock. This is a very important step. If the session is not ended properly, the next volunteer will be locked out and unable to begin their reading session.

We love feedback!

So, you had a great session with your pupil, you click END SESSION, now what? Please answer our simple feedback questions and leave us any useful comments. Please note that this form has TWO sections - one that's seen by the Chapter One team (for feedback about issues with the platform or to tell us how you're finding your experience) and the other by your pupil's teacher (when you have a specific question/comment about your pupil).

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