A social media toolkit for our corporate partners

This brief toolkit is to enable our corporate partners to quickly and easily share their support for our online reading volunteers programme

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Chapter One logos and photography

A selection of images and our logos are available here in this Dropbox folder. If you require any other images, please email Rebecca Hewitt, our Marketing and Communications Manager, at rebecca.hewitt@chapterone.org.

Suggested posts for our corporate partners

Suggested posts for X

We are so proud of our [insert company name] team for their time and commitment to volunteering for @chapterone_uk! chapterone.org #literacy #futuretalent #volunteer


Research has shown that people who #volunteer are 42% happier than those who don’t. Our staff love their remote 30-min weekly reading sessions with children that need literacy support through our partnership with @chapterone_uk.


Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. We are proud to partner with @chapterone_uk to give 1:1 online #literacy support to children at the time they need it most. chapterone.org

Suggested LinkedIn posts

[Insert your company name] proudly supports Chapter One, an online reading programme that pairs corporate volunteers with 5-7 year-old children in socially deprived regions of the UK. The programme develops fundamental reading skills and inspires a love for reading from an early age, helping build confidence in children who might otherwise slip through the cracks. [Accompany with image or video]


Check out our fantastic team members who are online reading volunteers for our charity partner Chapter One, which transforms children's futures with one-to-one reading support at the time when they need it the most. Members of our team ‘meet’ online with a child for 30 minutes a week, during the school day. They read stories and play word games that inspire a love for reading from an early age, helping build confidence in children who might otherwise slip through the cracks. [This could be accompanied by a collage or carousel of photographs and a link to chapterone.org]

Suggested posts for our individual online reading volunteers

In addition to using your company social media channels to showcase our partnership, we would love you to encourage your employees who are volunteering for Chapter One to actively promote their involvement with the programme on their personal social media networks. They could post about the excitement of watching their student’s confidence soar, or reflect on how they themselves are benefiting from the experience. Many volunteers tell us that reading with Chapter One gives them 30 minutes when they can switch off from the pressures of the working day and enjoy a meaningful 1:1 human connection.

If they are able to record short video testimonials or take selfies of themselves during a reading session then even better!

Suggested posts for X

I love reading with @chapterone_uk. My pupil really thinks, listens and pushes herself.


I had my first Chapter One session today and it was amazing! We went through a story, then did a bit of Three-in-a-Row and Guess the Word games. The whole experience was very fun and rewarding!


My @chapterone_uk online reading session left me smiling from ear to ear today! I even heard my little one say ‘it’s reading time, I’m lucky!’ as he joined the call. Such a pleasure!

Suggested LinkedIn posts

After a year of weekly online one-to-one reading sessions my colleagues and I were invited by Chapter One and the school to meet the children we read with in person. It was great to meet such an enthusiastic group of readers. Reading with a Chapter One child has been one of my favourite volunteering opportunities to date and it's great that it runs through the whole school year. #ItAllStartsWithLiteracy #employeevolunteering #onlinevolunteering #corporatepartnerships


I have done a lot of reading in my career, but rarely has it been as rewarding as the first online session with my 7 year old reading partner today. Through Chapter One, a number of my colleagues and I are volunteering online for 30 minutes a week to help disadvantaged children improve their reading skills. I go back to my report writing and business planning with a happier heart. #ItAllStartsWithLiteracy #employeevolunteering #onlinevolunteering #corporatepartnerships #employeewellbeing

Questions or ideas for collaboration you'd like to discuss with us? We'd love to hear from you!

Rebecca Hewitt, Marketing and Communications Manager rebecca.hewitt@chapterone.org

Anna Ansted, Corporate Partnerships Manager

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OUR VISION A world where all children have the literacy skills needed to thrive.
OUR MISSION To close the reading gap by providing children with one-to-one support at the time they need it the most.