05 March 2024

Why we chose to partner with Chapter One

Rhian Harris, Social Impact Manager, Datagraphic

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Datagraphic, a document automation specialist, has embedded four core ESG pillars across all business areas with a strong focus on making the world a better place. The business is committed to making a difference through operations, minimising climate impact, supporting its people, participating in community initiatives, and working innovatively with partners. In doing so, a team of volunteers at Datagraphic supports young readers in Peterborough and has also helped Chapter One secure a new partner through its trusted supply chain relationships.

Rhian Harris, Social Impact Manager at Datagraphic, shares more about their experience of partnering with Chapter One.

Why did you select Chapter One as a charity partner? What were your criteria?

At Datagraphic, we have a clear strategy to tackle climate impact and look after our people. The business wanted to go further, however, to encourage employees to be part of achieving our ESG ambitions in a way that felt relevant, important and worthwhile. On discovering Chapter One, the management team saw an opportunity to leverage our expertise and resources and deliver quantifiable social value.

How does the Chapter One programme support your social impact strategy?

The Chapter One programme contributes to three of the four focus areas of Datagraphic’s social impact strategy: people, communities and partners. As a business, we want to invest in projects that make sense and drive the most benefit. Chapter One presented the potential for employee volunteering without any repercussions on their free time. The weekly reading sessions allow staff to make a difference from the comfort of their desks during work hours and directly see how their time is helping a young reader progress.

The programme also supports other global sustainability initiatives Datagraphic aligns with, including the United Nations Global Compact. Therefore, by working with Chapter One, we can contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, Quality Education.

Your supplier Encore has also recently come on board. How did that come about?

Datagraphic has embedded a social impact strategy at the core of its business, including how we work innovatively with our partners. As a result, we have long-established supplier relationships and work closely to seek improvements to reduce our environmental impact. During a review meeting with one of our biggest suppliers, Encore, we shared the benefits of the Chapter One project and how we’d been able to quantify the results so far. Encore and Datagraphic share the same ethos and ESG values; therefore, Chapter One is a great fit for both businesses.

Craig Allen, Sales Director at Encore, commented, “Our team at Encore is not just good but kind-hearted and supportive. We're committed to maximising our resources to benefit our local community, and Chapter One aligns perfectly with this goal. Alongside our support for Greggs' school breakfast clubs, we're thrilled to be involved and can’t wait to see the results. I'm grateful to Datagraphic for introducing us to the Chapter One programme and would encourage other businesses to seek ways to give back.”

Staff who wouldn’t otherwise interact are forming new working relationships, and those who may be largely focused on a computer screen agree that they return to work feeling brighter and ready to tackle their next task.
Rhian Harris, Social Impact Manager, Datagraphic

What do your volunteers think of the programme? How do they benefit?

The feedback from our team of Chapter One volunteers has been really positive. The sessions help to develop empathy, patience, and better awareness of more diverse backgrounds. Staff who wouldn’t otherwise interact are forming new working relationships, and those who may be largely focused on a computer screen agree that they return to work feeling brighter and ready to tackle their next task. One member said, “The child I support brings so much enthusiasm to our weekly sessions it’s infectious!”. You can’t argue with that.

How do you demonstrate the impact of the Chapter One programme?

Most volunteers have adjusted and improved the reading levels of their young readers following their sessions, which is incredible. From a business perspective, we can report total minutes across all sessions for our ESG metrics and produce engaging, mutually beneficial marketing content to promote our partnership.

How would you describe the partnership with Chapter One?

The Chapter One programme seamlessly integrates with Datagraphic's social impact strategy by improving literacy rates among children. We are delighted that we can safely and easily facilitate our staff to give something back whilst making a marked difference within schools. And by introducing Encore to Chapter One, we exemplify the power of partnership in driving positive change. The overall collaboration means we are confident that we are helping to build a more literate society and nurture future generations.

Datagraphic wholeheartedly recommends Chapter One as a cost-effective way to add reportable social value to any business.

Find out more!

Chapter One’s virtual, time-efficient, flexible model for volunteering will enhance your company’s employee value proposition, whilst fulfilling CSR or social value commitments around education, social mobility and inclusion. Employees can:

- volunteer online directly from their desks with no travel

- make a direct impact on the lives of disadvantaged children

- support local communities across the UK

- improve their own well-being by helping others

- reconnect with your company’s social purpose

Interested in joining us? We’d love to hear from you! You’ll find out who we currently work with on our partners’ page. You can contact us here or email sarah.taylor@chapterone.org.