07 March 2024

Read Your Way for World Book Day 2024

Chapter One team members get behind this year's 'Read Your Way' theme to show that every reader is different, and there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy reading

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This year, the theme of World Book Day® is ‘Read Your Way’. Every reader is different, and there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy reading, so this year is about encouraging children to think about what reading looks like for them. Every child is a reader, however they choose to do it.

Emma Bell, CEO

I'm reading MY way this World Book Day, by indulging my recipe book habit that helps me relax (and imagine myself in sunnier places!)

Anna Blain, Head of Programme Delivery and Engagement

Reading for my children and me is often an historical document all about my late Grandfather (my children's Great-Grandfather). My mother documented his life story a few years before he died (3 years ago) and we each have a copy to treasure to always be reminded of what a funny, loving, caring, cheeky man he was! My kids love to read about all the funny scrapes he got into as a child, as a soldier whilst in the British army and his life as a hardworking tailor in the East End of London. It's a family history artefact you might say! I also love map reading.

Ateeka Meer, Senior Programme Manager

Reading a page or two is a welcome incentive to refresh your mind and reframe your thoughts. Taking a break so you can return ready to tackle the tasks of the day.

Katie Goodwin, Early Literacy Interventionist

Reading for me is always having my kindle on hand so at any opportune moment I can escape into my latest book! It's such a valued part of my day, especially my evening routine - my day doesn't feel complete without it.

Emma Bilsborough, Corporate Partnerships Officer

I love to read and I am a firm believer in people enjoying reading in their own way, whether it be a novel, a recipe book, a comic or a newspaper. One of my favourite reading moments each month is when my Happy Newspaper arrives in the post, I sit with a cup of tea & usually a cat on my lap, and dive into a newspaper full of joyful stories, interesting people, and beautiful illustrations.

Julie Bennett, Evidence and Impact Manager

To me, reading your way means reading non-fiction! I absolutely love reading about all kinds of psychology - anything related to human behaviour and human wellbeing that I can learn from and which makes me think!

Laura Goatcher, Administration Assistant

Reading for me is with both of my children! Whether it be books or stories and games on the iPad.

Laurie Hilton, Programme Manager - Manchester

My son and I enjoyed reading this collection of stories about dragons. We would read together every night snuggled up with his crocodile pillow. These stories brought joy and excitement to reading for my son.

Christina Pembrey, Programme Manager - East Sussex

I absolutely love menus! I can peruse them for ages and always ask to keep my menu after I’ve ordered so I can continue to ponder on the options I could have/should have or did order.

Becky Hewitt, Marketing and Communications Manager

I just celebrated my wedding anniversary. Just imagine if you couldn't read the words sent to you by a friend or loved one on a significant date or milestone in your life?

Davina Ramen, Programme Manager - London

Reading My Way......means an added stop at the rickety wooden book exchange shelves at the underground stations.

Always overflowing, always the difficulty of which one should I choose!

Quickly and excitedly scanning the blurb on the back covers, trying not to rush, but rushing nonetheless! Grabbing something quickly, always enjoying the onward journey...💙📚

Sarah Taylor, Business Development Manager

I like to read the weekend newspapers on the sofa in my kitchen. It gives me a chance to catch up on what is going on in the world and to read about new books, films and TV programmes.

Lisa Barea, Trusts and Foundations Fundraiser

I love to get lost in the pages of a book and be transported to new and exciting places. And it's a great way to pass the time when on very familiar bus journeys!

Stephanie Lockwood, Programme Manager - Peterborough

My favourite read at the moment has to be a cookbook… mostly cakes and bread! I'm enjoying trying out new recipes and sharing them with my family. Thankfully, most them seem to go down really well, but they soon tell me otherwise!

Anna Ansted, Corporate Partnerships Manager

My daughter, Nina, reading her way. A kindle makes it easier for her as she can change spacing and use open dyslexic font!

Lauren Foster, Programme Manager - Doncaster

'Read Your Way' for me means reading with my family and enjoying children's books together. I love to discover new children's books and can't say no when my boys ask for a new book! This means we have a huge collection of books and I love to share the joy of children's books with everyone, I am the go-to person if our friend's children need a book recommendation, it's like a mini library!

Isabel Davies, Social Media and Communications Officer

Autobiographies are my favourite thing to read. I love to find out all about other people's lives, and take a peek into their minds!

Kathryn Taylor, Schools Development Manager

My dog Margot loves to start her day by reading the newspaper!

It all starts with literacy.