13 January 2023

Free At-home Reading Tutoring

Funded Through Jordan's Principle

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Contact Jacob Pitawanakwat


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Free Reading Tutoring

  1. An early reading tutor will work with your child on key early literacy skills.
  2. Your child will use a smartphone to connect to your session using a prepaid application.
  3. Each session is 5 minutes in length and occurs 3-5 times per week.
“Consistent and tailored to child’s reading level. Can’t say enough about the value of this program, it is helping my daughter to enjoy a whole new world of reading.

Culturally Inclusive Content

  • Chapter One is co-creating original children's e-books with the communities we serve, focused on advancing First Nations priorities, perspectives, and world views.
  • Written and illustrated by Indigenous artists, these original storybooks explore priority themes identified by the communities, helping to fill a significant gap in conventional curriculum and available resources for emerging readers.
  • To support language revitalization, the storybooks include audio clips of elders pronouncing Indigenous words incorporated into each story. That way, students, ELIs, and families can explore the first languages of the communities together.

Illustration from "Lisa Odjig: World Famous Hoop Dancer", written by Nancy Cooper, illustrated by Cheif Lady Bird