06 February 2023

One of the Largest Randomized Control Trials of High Impact Tutoring for Beginning Reading

Chapter One’s High Impact Tutoring Demonstrated to Improve Student Beginning Reading Skills

68% of the students in the treatment group met the end of year kindergarten benchmark, compared to 32% in the control group.

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In one of the largest randomized control studies of the impact of 1:1 tutoring on beginning reading skills, researchers at the Annenberg Institute National Students Support Accelerator found that Chapter One’s high impact tutoring program substantially increased students’ phonics skills, preparing them for reading success in subsequent grades. The 1:1 tutoring program has been expanded to almost 12,000 students in Broward County Public Schools, making it one of the largest implementations of high impact tutoring for beginning reading in the United States.

Broward County’s decision to scale Chapter One’s high impact tutoring program comes after years of pilot implementations in various Broward Schools.

“We have seen the impact of the Chapter One programs, both high impact tutoring and online reading volunteers, in the percentage of students meeting grade level expectations in reading and the overall average growth in reading over the year. Comparison studies of students with and without a Chapter One tutor have highlighted the significance of their work and the difference that a tutor can make."

Dr. Lori Canning

Executive Director of Family and Community Engagement

Broward County Public Schools